Increase value of your car renovating it by us!

We repair cars like:

  • Citroen XM
  • peugeot 605
  • peugeot 607

but we can consider fixing other cars as well.

Door to door service

We are taking and delivering the car in front of your house. Don’t need to organise transport by yourself. We are taking care about whole service process from A to Z.

You decide how much You want to pay!

We adjust to the given budget. Starting out from the priorites! We are focusing on every detail! We take care about the customer experiance. Most of the cases you will get back the car looking like new!

We make Your dream come true!

Have you ever dreamed about citroen xm or peugeot 605 in a specific combitantion (exterior color, interior, engine version)? Order now your dream-car by us!

How to book a car reception