km: 177 000
Exclusive with seat heating, no sunroof.

It is a first owner car with very low millage and exclusive equipment. Car has blue color named KPK. The car is of course in a perfect condition. All body was painted! Ask me for a link with 150 photos, that can also be found on our facebook profile.

-New Engine Oil + filters
-Gearbox renovation
-Renovation of the transmission converter
-New Gearbox Oil 8L+ filter
-New timing belt
-New tensioners and pulleys
-Valve covers sealing
-All spheres are refilled or exchanged
-LHM pump is sealed
-Pressure regulator is sealed
-Engine subframe renovation
-Rear Axis renovation
-Rust removal from the body and details
-Detailing all of the elements and bolts, cleaning and painting
-New paint on the whole car!
-Washing whole interior
-New heating mats
-Aircon service, new gas
-Aircon compressor renovation
-New aircon dryer
-New Air-con Pressure sensor
-New Air-con compressor bearing
-Aircon pipes sealing
-New aircon cooler
-New engine cooler
-New sparks
-New Control arm bushings
-New thermostat and sealing
-Oil pan sealing
-Sealing deaerator tank
-New catalic converter inset
-Sealing the power steering gear
New Steering column
rubber clutch
-Cabin filter mounting
-New hydraulic pipes (3)
-New handbrake rope (R)
-New brake pipes front
-Front brake discs rolling, renovation
-Demolition and cleaning of the front brake calipers
-Boot lock insert repair
-Cruise control repair
New Right-hand drive
shaft support bearing

And many many more. Hundreds of working hours.