Peugeot 607 XFV J922 08329


12 years ago when we started to rescue Citroen XMs, it was a period, when nobody wanted to save this cars. No one was fixing them. All You could see on the streets were tired and unkempt items. XMs were objects of devastation and scrapping. We wanted to show a bit different approach to this cars. And it’s not only that we saved this 50 cars. It’s also about creating magical spots, nice photo shots, creating help groups on fb and so on, that made people see this cars again and start to rescue them in their homes and societies. 

Since some years the same devastation era came to the descendant of the floor plate, the 607. Maybe it’s not that special car as XM, but it’s probably the last limousine of Peugeot.

So this is the second restored Peugeot 607 by us. It’s a facelift version with ES9A engine. The last premium V6 engine in a family. The engine was redesigned by Porsche, giving him up from 190 HP to 211HP. It has also more modern gearbox produced by Aisin. These cars literally disappeared from the streets since few years. And is has this super unique blue interior which was the rarest of all. The 607 comes from France and is for sale for 8500 euro! So if You are in search of restored 607 ready to use, write us a message. Enjoy the pictures.

Remember that ecology means to use the product as long as possible!

Year of production: 2005
Mileage: 222000 km

Equipment: everything apart xenon lights. (big screen, seats heating, GPS, active suspension, parking sensors rear and front, etc…)

Done by the previous owner:
Distribution (180 000 km)
Sealed valve covers (180 000 km)
New valve timing variators (180 000 km)
New plastic valve covers (180 000 km)

Replacing any damaged parts with good used ones or repairing:
Front door seals
driver’s lock
driver’s mirror
glass panel
all interior decors have been replaced with better ones


Service List:

Replacement of the left joint and cuff drive shaft
Changing the oil in the engine
Changing the oil in the gearbox
New spark plugs
Replacing lambda probes
Renovation of thresholds (straightening support points, sandblasting, painting)
Painting two fenders, front bumper, mirror
One step polish
Thorough washing of the chassis and engine
Removing rust from the underneath, sandblasting, cleaning, protection
Sandblasting and powder coating of the tank mounting batons
Sandblasting and powder coating of the alarm siren mounting and other assembly parts
Galvanization of many parts, including tilt sensor sticks
Painting the rear suspension elements
Renovation of rear brakes, new discs and pads
New steering rack
New stabilizer links
Cleaning the sunroof drain channels
Rim renovation
Steering wheel renovation
Interior cleaning, carpet washing, etc.
Refreshing leather (cleaning, painting, care)
Replacing the sponge in the armrests
Bluetooth installation
Purchase a disc to change the language in the display interface
Upgrading with front and rear seat heating
Upgrading with front parking aid
Replacing the brake fluid
Replacing bulbs in the air vent panel, cluster, memory seats, ashtrays, etc.Removing window tinting
Pulling out dents
Hook renovation (sandblasting and powder coating)
Service and maintenance of all door panels and door dampers
Trunk cables repair
Sealing the oil pan
Replacement of bonnet actuators
New rubber mats for floor
New balance for winter tires